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Surface attraction

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Hard-wearing, versatile cladding for your building project is available in a variety of colours in the Alcopla range, from Facade Technologies

Surface attraction


Creating a residential or commercial building that will retain its good looks over time can be a challenge. However, ensuring that exterior surfaces are effectively protected from the elements is a good head start.

For effective results, choose a material that will complement and protect your structure at the same time. Alcopla panels offer a hard-wearing cladding option for a variety of building applications, including garage doors, fascias, parapets and walls, says Wayne Hellier, manager of Facade Technologies, the company that designs, fabricates and installs the cladding.

"Alcopla is made from a 3mm-thick polyethylene core with a 0.5mm aluminium skin on both sides, so it can be bent or rolled to form curves," says Hellier. "Available in 12 standard, colourfast hues, the material is easy to maintain, needing only an occasional wash with warm water."

For more information, contact Facade Technologies, PO Box 40-449, Glenfield 1311, Auckland, phone (09) 415 5580, fax (09) 415 6811. Email:


First published date: 03 September 2003

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