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Subdivision's homes have balustrades, canopy and privacy screens by HomePlus

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Unifying balustrading system, glass door canopy and powder-coated privacy screens from HomePlus help achieve street harmony

Subdivision's homes have balustrades, canopy and privacy screens by HomePlus


Designing homes en masse requires a sense of overall grace and harmony – and the right detailing helps achieve this.

This Flatbush subdivision, south-east Auckland, is a case in point. The terraced homes all boast glass door-canopies, stair and deck balustrades, and privacy screens by HomePlus, a franchise network of Juralco. Seen here, they all help build a shared aesthetic.

The louvred screens offer privacy from neighbours while still admitting light. They are in a powdercoated colour that matches the balustrades, contributing to the overall sense of harmony for the homes and street.

Juralco Aluminium sales and marketing manager Rob Mellor says the screens and glass canopies were custom designed for the homes, and so fit snugly.

"Created in durable, low-maintenance aluminium and toughened safety glass, the Edge balustrading system achieves a strong, cohesive look, too. Hidden post fixings add to the crisp, seamless effect."


In addition, the customised canopies match the aluminium and glass balustrades. Their support arms are based on the Edge system, but are angled down to shed rain.

At the rear of the houses, waterproof decks use a special bracket to preserve the integrity of the waterproof membranes and hold the proprietary guttering in place.

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First published date: 24 May 2016

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