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Strength of character – CHH Woodproducts

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LVL timber in cathedral by CHH Woodproducts

Strength of character – CHH Woodproducts


Early on in the design process for the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, it was evident the giant cardboard tubes that form the sloping underside of the roof would need to be reinforced.

HySpan LVL beams, from the Carter Holt Harvey® Futurebuild® range, were consequently specified by the design team to provide the required structural strengthening for the cardboard tubes and architectural finish for the Trinity window.

Cameron Rodger, CHH Woodproducts technical director, says the product offers many advantages. "It's an engineered material with the intrinsic benefits of timber – it is straight, strong, lightweight, dimensionally stable and structurally reliable, making it well suited to areas prone to seismic activity."

Futurebuild LVL is manufactured from renewable plantation pine that is rotary peeled, dried and laminated together in continuous long lengths. The peeling eliminates the naturally occurring defects in the wood, such as knots, and provides significantly enhanced strength, rigidity and structural uniformity. The lamination process uses a Type A marine bond that has a proven performance in excess of 50 years.

The Futurebuild range of LVL is available in a diverse range of products, many of which are available off the shelf. All the products are supported by computeIT and designIT software solutions.



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First published date: 19 December 2013

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