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Staying home has never been better

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Thanks to recent advances in technology you can now enjoy cinema-quality audiovisual display in the comfort of your home. Philips shows you how

Staying home has never been better


Home theatres are no longer the prerogative of the seriously rich and famous. Today, many homeowners are realising just how easy it is to have the television and audio cinema experience in their own homes.

The increased interest in home cinema systems is a reflection of the technological advances made by companies such as Philips, which has one of the largest ranges of plasma and LCD televisions available in New Zealand.

Jane Waddel, product manager CTV Philips Consumer Electronics, says the demand for Flat TVs, both plasma and LCD TVs, is increasing dramatically as people come to appreciate recent advances in these technologies.

"Our research clearly shows that a Flat and slim TV that can either hang on the wall or stand discreetly on a table is considered the ultimate in home entertainment equipment," she says. ‘This is not just a local trend. Internationally, the trend towards Flat TVs is growing at a phenomenal rate, with research showing that the market size is expected to at least triple in each of the next two years. Growth will also be triggered by more choice of screen sizes and more affordable prices."

Jane Waddel says the essential ingredients of a home cinema setup also include a DVD/CD player with a powerful built-in amplifier and the latest digital sound technology, complete with five speakers and a subwoofer. Carefully positioned around a room, these will provide full surround-sound immersion.


Philips has a home cinema and TV package to suit every budget and taste. From the LX2000D Home Cinema partnered with a Philips Widescreen TV, through to the top-of-the-line LX8000SA with a Philips Flat TV, Philips can help you transform your living room into a cinema. And the company says it's easy to mix and match the visual and home theatre technologies to suit.

For further information, contact Philips New Zealand, phone (09) 815 4000, or visit the .

First published date: 20 May 2003

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