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Now you can use your computer to programme your home theatre audio and get just the sound you want with the Maestro system

Sounds intelligent


Most people are familiar with the different options available on a good quality sound system. But switching from one setting to another when you want to listen to different types of music or radio talkback, or watch a DVD movie, can be frustrating.

AudioControl's new home audio system solves the problem by offering a preamplifier that you can programme with your PC. The Maestro 7.1 channel processor and preamplifier is the nerve centre of the new system. While it is simple to use, it can automatically handle the most complex switching and processing, says manager Wayne Patterson of Baigent & Daughters Group, the distributor of AudioControl products.

Patterson says the system, which is designed, developed and manufactured in Seattle, can be pre-set to your listening preferences, either on your own home computer or by one of the company's consultants.

"As well as taking into account personal preferences, the system is programmed to suit the surroundings, following an analysis of the room dimensions. This ensures the best possible sound is delivered no matter what shape your room is."

Patterson says the Maestro uses all licensed and approved sound formats and is programmed to meet THX Ultra 2 specifications. This ensures sound quality that not only meets the international standard set by Star Wars creator Lucas Films, but also accommodates music-lovers' requirements.


"Movie theatre sound is an exact science and THX is setting the standard," says Patterson.

The Maestro is paired with the Avalon two-channel amplifier and the Pantages five-channel amplifier for full surround sound. Patterson says the system is also future-proofed, as it can be reprogrammed for new surround sound formats.

Other internationally renowed audio and video equipment is also on show at the Eurolife home theatre and audio showroom.

The company can also ensure your new sound system looks as good as it sounds. The showroom displays a large range of audio and video furniture. Items range from top-of-the-line steel and glass products, such as Alphasonic, as seen on these pages, and Schroers & Schroers, to moderately priced pieces from England and Canada.

For more details, contact Baigent & Daughters Group or the Eurolife home theatre and audio showroom, 14 George Bourke Dr, Mt Wellington, Auckland, phone (09) 259 1111, fax (09) 270 6327.

First published date: 20 May 2003

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