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Solid, durable brick cladding for contemporary or traditional buildings

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Solid, durable brick cladding for contemporary or traditional buildings


In a world where speed and novelty can overshadow traditional building values, brickwork will always evoke an air of solidity and permanence. Once offered in traditional red, contemporary bricks are now available in an array of colours, textures and sizes to suit every commercial application.

NZ Brick Distributors (NZBD) was formed in 2013, as a joint venture between two of Australasia's largest building product manufacturers, says marketing manager Thomas Mitchell.

"Today, we have a nationwide presence and carry an extensive range of bricks, lightweight cladding panels, natural stone and paving product.

"While brick has been around for hundreds of years, advanced brands, such as Monier and Austral, offer many pluses for contemporary projects. Modern bricks are low maintenance and cost effective, with excellent thermal properties. In addition, they are manufactured in an array of colours that range from Heritage Monier in classic red, to the bold Austral Distinction Series."

NZBD's many stone and wall-panel solutions also offer eye-catching architectural possibilities.


"Designer Series is fast becoming one of our most popular cladding options and is easy to install," says Mitchell. "The system consists of pre-finished cement-bonded fibrous wood particle panels. Surfaces available include the ultra-modern Smooth, Textured, and Urban."

Designa Schist and Designa Basalt, both from Austral Bricks, bring the textural appeal of stone to a project, without the usual issue of installation time. Again, NZBD has a comprehensive selection.

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First published date: 30 October 2014

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