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Add texture and depth to the look of your walls with Suede Effects paint created by Dulux

Soft touch


Adding a splash of rich colour on a feature wall can create a completely new atmosphere in a room. When the look you're after calls for a subtle and warm approach, textured paint may be just the answer.

Suede Effects paint from Dulux offers an easy way for homeowners to bring personality and flair into a room, says marketing manager Michael O'Donnell.

"The soft play of light on a Suede Effects paint finish gives a feature wallan extra dimension," he says. "The paintis simple to apply, and can go overwallpaper. It is lightly textured, and should you want to try another colour, it can be easily painted over."

Small beads of white in the paint give the matt finish a two-colour wash effect, which contributes to its textured appearance. A water-based clear matt varnish can be applied as a top coat in high-wear areas like kitchens and bathrooms, to seal the surface and make it washable.

The Suede Effects range of paint is available in 58 different colours providing options that will match almost any interior décor.


For more information and details of stockists near you, contact Dulux customer services, phone 0800 800 424. Email: Alternatively, visit the websites .

First published date: 04 May 2003

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