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The theme may have been inspired by a ‘60s TV spy comedy, but the sleek finishes in Smart Bar are right up with the play, thanks to Resene

Smooth operator


Creating a point of difference is essential for any new bar or club. For the owners of the Pukekohe bar featured on these pages, the design inspiration came from the ‘60s television comedy Get Smart.

Interior designers Ria Gleeson and Sophie Burns themed Smart Bar around the show and its inept and over-zealous spy Maxwell Smart.

"But in taking this retro approach, we were determined that the concept should come across as clever and witty, rather than tacky," says Gleeson.

To maintain a sophisticated look and feel, the designers deliberately stayed away from the garish colours and patterns often associated with ‘60s décor. The sleek exterior is painted in Resene Lumbersider satin acrylic tinted to Resene Diesel, a black-red shade. This is complemented by an interior of warm timber, dark walls and crisp white – a theme that mimics Maxwell Smart's dress code.

Resene Zylone SpaceCote, in hues of Resene Mash, a deep-brown shade, Resene Diesel and Resene Wan White from the Karen Walker collection, features throughout the public areas. The interior also incorporates wallpaper from the Resene Heavy Metal collection, which creates a clean-edged upmarket look.


Resene Zylone SpaceCote is a low-odour, waterborne satin enamel, which provides a tough, durable, enamel-like finish. Resene marketing manager Karen Warman says that in critical light areas, Resene Zylone SpaceCote's side sheen will minimise surface imperfections. It is particularly suited to broadwall areas, kitchens and bathrooms. The paint is available in the full range of Resene colours.

For more information and details of your nearest Resene ColorShop, phone 0800 Resene (737 363). .

First published date: 23 August 2004

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