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A new home and a converted glasshouse both benefit from a good-looking, rust-free cladding system. Onduline also provides durability

Smart solutions


Cost-effective design solutions that not only look good but are also long lasting are welcomed by both designers and clients.

Onduline cladding and roofing were used for both the projects featured on this page. For the new house project, architectural designer Sally Paterson specified Onduline to make a strong contemporary statement. She says the owners particularly liked the strong horizontal lines of the cladding.

In the second project, a former glasshouse was converted into a warehouse by replacing the glass walls and roof with Onduline cladding.

Onduline is made from bitumen-saturated organic fibres, which provide a high degree of thermal insulation. Developed in Europe more than 65 years ago, the material is now used in many domestic and light industrial applications.

The cladding, distributed by Onduline Building Products, is available in a range of colours, or it can be painted if preferred.


Onduline Building Products also distributes Italian shingles, a flexible, robust and lightweight roofing material made from glass-reinforced bituminous aggregate. Both Onduline and the Italian shingles have a current BRANZ appraisal certificate.

For more information about Onduline and Italian shingles nationwide, phone 0800 Onduline (0800 663 854). .

First published date: 03 September 2003

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