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Smart meets art

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Interwoven with layers of functional and decorative art, Waitakere Central showcases the latest sustainable building techniques

Smart meets art


Many modern structures feature large expanses of glass. As well as creating an architectural highlight, glass helps provide a comfortable and light-filled workplace. However, at the planning stage it's important to integrate design solutions that allow the control of heat and light.

At the Waitakere Central civic centre, much of the front facade is constructed from sheets of glass. To prevent heat gain and provide sun control, the architects specified a passive solution: a louvre system from LouvreTec Products.

Two types of louvres were chosen for the structure: 300mm Maxi louvre blades and 600mm anodised Maxi louvre blades. As well as offering the building sun protection, the louvre blades add to the structure's contemporary aesthetic and acknowledge the influence of the lead artists in the design process. The 300mm blades were powdercoated in five different shades of grey to represent clouds over water and the coastal location of Waitakere City.

Work on the structure provided some challenges for LouvreTec Products. The company especially redesigned its fixing system to suit the application chosen for the building. The height of the building was also a factor. The company's installers are trained to work safely at heights using harness systems, but good teamwork was essential for a hassle-free installation.

LouvreTec Products offers a full range of sun louvre systems and opening roofs. For details, contact LouvreTec, 23c Douglas Alexander Parade, Albany, Auckland, phone 0800 Louvres (0800 568 8737). Email:, .


First published date: 20 September 2006

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