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Industrial-modern with a touch of quirkiness succinctly describes these three bathrooms


Take three bathrooms in a contemporary loft and create a sleek, modern look that maintains a sense of warmth and intimacy. This was the challenge presented to interior designer Jolie Korek.

Using different tiles, stone and metal with textured walls in a range of colors, Korek set out to give each bathroom its own distinctive look. Each bathroom would also make subtle suggestions to the industrial origins of the home, she says.

For the master bathroom, featured on these pages, Korek used 70in x 70in marble floor tiles with glass and stainless steel square inserts. The crisp white tiles feature very little veining, something Korek says was important to the overall look of the space.

"I wanted to keep everything very calm and serene, yet still maintain a level of visual stimulation. The subtle use of gray blends well with the white, while the color inserts define the floor without making it look too busy."

The walls up to the dado line feature 35in x 35in tiles. At this size, they provide a balanced contrast to the floor tiles in terms of shape and proportion. A border of cobalt-blue tiles provides a hint of color without overwhelming the space, says Korek.


Featuring slim metal legs, the vanity's exposed plumbing helps maintain a sense of space. Tucked underneath is a tiled box with the owner's monogram in glass and metal tiles. This box, a medicine cabinet concealed behind timber-framed frosted glass and niche shelving provide ample storage. A spacious bath surround means the owner has plenty of room for items that encourage rest and relaxation, such as candles and a small television.

The shower stall, with its mixed tile work, ledge seat and compact shelving encapsulates all of the key design elements found throughout the bathroom, says Korek.

A small bathroom, located to the right of the apartment's entry foyer provides a striking place for guests to freshen up.

The focal point of the space is a pedestal basin comprising a round metallic bowl on top of a chunky concrete pillar.

"I wanted to create the appearance of a floating basin. Positioned in the middle of the room, it takes on almost a shrine effect," says Korek.

Simple, minimalist-style faucetry and stainless steel accessories keep the focus on the pedestal basin. Above, light fixtures made of stainless steel and paper flank either side of a concrete-framed mirror. The limestone flooring, studded with stainless steel inserts, is a continuation of the foyer floor.

"The concrete and metal teamed with the limestone floors gives the bathroom a Zen-like feel," says the designer.

This earthy connection is further accentuated by walls painted a shade of burnt sienna. Faux painting specialist Douglas Rozevink worked closely with Korek to create the walls' warm color and plaster-like texture. A wooden ladder for magazine storage and large pine doors add to the room's whimsical-meets-industrial look, says Korek.

The designer describes the guest bathroom on the mezzanine as "a full splash of color."

"This bathroom is electrifying blue. I've used faux painted walls in a warm lavender with blue marble floor tiles that have also been used to highlight the baseboard.

I also chose to line the shower stall with small blue glass tiles. Their texture and color gives them a depth that makes you feel as if you're in the ocean," says Korek.

A stainless steel wash basin with exposed plumbing is one of the bathroom's many reflective surfaces.

First published date: 24 August 2003

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Credit List

Interior designer Jolie Korek, ASID, Interiors Co (New York)
Builder Phillip Broadman
Wallcoverings Hand painted finishings by Doug Rozevink
Bath Master bathroom; Jacuzzi from Bath and Bagno
Vanity cabinetry Master bathroom - metal, stainless steel and statuary stone custom designed by Jolie Korek and Monique Longhe of Belle Pietra; mezzanine bathroom - Raeburn medicine cabinet
Basins Master bathroom - Kohler from Bath and Bagno; mezzanine bathroom - Kroin metal sink; foyer bathroom - concrete basin custom designed by Jolie Korek and fabricated by Phillip Broadman
Faucets Master and mezzanine bathrooms; - Tara series by Dornbracht; foyer bathroom - Kroin
Shower fittings Master bathroom; Mr Steam, Dornbracht, mezzanine bathroom; Dornbracht
Flooring Master bathroom - Statuary mosaic by Bella Pietra, statuary 16 x 16 tiles with metal inserts from Ann Sacks; mezzanine bathroom - blue celeste marble in a brick pattern; foyer bathroom - Claire limestone with metal inserts from Ann Sacks
Toilets Duravit from Bath and Bagno
Lighting Andrew Gary
Accessories Magazine rack and princess door custom made by John Carlucci of JC Design