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The clean lines and compact design of Smeg appliances give this small apartment kitchen a spacious feel

Simply smart


Asmall apartment will generally have a correspondingly small kitchen. But with a clever design and the right appliances, a small space can still be convenient and functional.

Amelia Minty of Minty Architecture and Dorian Minty designed the kitchen featured here for a cosy, one-bedroom apartment.

"We knew there wasn't a lot of space to play with, but we wanted the kitchen to be easy to use, to have plenty of storage, and to look light and spacious," says Amelia Minty.

The designers chose a white laminate with satin chrome recessed handles for the cabinetry, and added stainless steel appliances.

"We found appliances among Smeg's stainless steel range that suited our design. Of equal importance, their design aesthetic worked well in the compact space – the appliances are simple and smart, without fussy details, which is important in a small kitchen," she says.


The 60cm Smeg wall-mounted oven has a simple, uncluttered front face, and a microwave is concealed behind a flip-up cabinet above it.

The 60cm electric Smeg hob also appealed because of its clean-lined appearance. It has been teamed with a Smeg built-in 60cm Powerpack rangehood with a concealed control panel.

"This particular model of rangehood is ideal here, because it is built into the cabinetry, leaving space available above for much-needed storage in a flip-up cabinet. In a small kitchen, the rangehood should not be a large and imposing design element," says Minty.

In addition, this rangehood has two halogen lights, a four-speed fan, and offers a powerful extraction rate of 750m3/hour – important when the kitchen is part of an open-plan living area.

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First published date: 20 July 2006

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