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Symmetry dominates in this classic-style garden. The front door offers a vista straight through the home and out across the pool to the gazebo


The sweeping vistas and towering oaks of an English formal garden were often planned 100 years before they reached maturity. On a smaller scale, forward planning can have dramatic impact on a modern environment.

The symmetry of this home and garden was possible because architect Russell Scott, builder Denton Homes, and landscape designer Dean Herald, of Rollingstone Landscapes all worked together from the outset.

Close collaboration at the initial stages of planning meant exact symmetry could be achieved between the interior, the formal-style garden, the pool and the gazebo.

"Working together at the blueprint stage meant drainage and other underground services could be built around a central grand design – rather than fitting the gazebo or pool in as an afterthought."

Standing at the front door, the design provides a sight-line through the home and across the garden and pool to the gazebo. All elements are centred along this line.


"With so much effort put into creating an attractive home it makes sense to be able to appreciate it from a distance," says Herald. "This design invites occupants to gravitate out to the gazebo, where the view of the home can be best appreciated."

Large bifold doors open the home to the garden providing easy pedestrian flow.

"Diamond-shaped tiles indoors are echoed in a diamond motif set into the garden's paving."

The gazebo itself reflects the style of the home it looks back on. Roof tiles on the structure replicate those on the house.

First published date: 19 July 2005

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Credit List

Landscape architect Dean Herald, LCA, Rollingstone Landscapes (Sydney)
Architect Russell Scott
Builder Denton Homes, HIA, MBA
Courtyard and paving Boral Stylestone
Walls/hard landscaping Rendered and painted walls
Pool designer Rollingstone Landscapes
Pool manufacturer and supplier Reliance Pools
Spa pool Reliance Pools
Pool surround and coping Boral Stylestone