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Should you include a bath tub in your new bathroom?

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It’s one of the first questions that crops up if you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating your old one – should you include a bath tub? Here are some things to consider when you’re making that decision.

Make your bathroom a relaxation zone


1. Your bathroom can be a relaxation zone

Bathroom design these days gets almost as much attention as kitchen design.

Sure you want your bathroom to be functional, but if you’ve got a bath tub it’s also a great place to relax and unwind at the end of the day or on a winter weekend.

Having a rainhead fitting or a massage jet in your shower can also help you relax. But it doesn’t really cut it compared to a long, luxury soak in a bath tub – possibly with a drink and book on hand?

2. Kids love baths


Bath time is a perennial favourite time of the day for young kids ... and also for parents who can leave kids to
themselves in the bath once they’ve reached a suitable age.

Leaving them in the shower for 20 minutes just wouldn’t be the same – and they can potentially make even more mess with a shower fitting than splashing water out of a bath.

Don’t have kids? Consider if potential buyers might do if you were to sell your home in the near future.

3. Sculptural element

With the greater focus on bathroom design, we’re allocating more space to this area of the home.

Having a bath tub creates a sense of luxury to the overall room design, especially if it’s a freestanding tub. And some bath tubs add a particularly sculptural element to the room.

However, you do need adequate space around a tub. While tubs come in a variety of sizes, if space is tight, leave it out.

4. It doesn't have to be expensive

There’s a wide range of bath tubs available on the market. While a freestanding enameled steel tub is going to be expensive, it’s possible to find a similar style in acrylic that doesn’t cost the earth.

5. Re-sale value?

It used to be that real estate agent advice was to always include a tub in the master suite if you wanted to get the best re-sale price for your home when you come to sell.

While that’s not so clear cut these days, you should balance up whether it’s worth the risk of not including a bath tub.

If you have the space and budget, and there’s a possibility you might want to sell your home within the next ten
years, we’d suggest you include a tub in at least one bathroom in your home.

First published date: 07 June 2018

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