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Shooting for the stars

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For an ever-increasing number of designers and developers, achieving a high Green Star rating is providing the impetus for a raft of environmentally sustainable initiatives

Shooting for the stars


For many years it seemed environmental groups were the main drivers for change when it came to specifying environmentally sustainable alternatives. Today, however, it is industry itself that is driving the change, with the government also helping to promote the cause through its own sustainability policies, and support for the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC)

Jane Henley, CEO for the Green Building Council, says a key objective of the council – to encourage the integration of green building initiatives into mainstream design, construction and building operation – is now being met.

"The increasing number of projects brought to our attention reflects the building industry's willingness to adopt green building standards in order to achieve a Green Star NZ rating," Henley says. "It is estimated there are at least 20 buildings at the design phase that are utilising Green Star NZ rating tools."

In addition to these projects, Green Star NZ's two pilot projects, Kumatoto in Wellington and the BNZ project at 80 Queen St, Auckland, are currently going through the Green Star NZ – Office Design certification process. NZGBC is being assisted in this process by the Green Building Council of Australia, which recently released new rating tools for existing office buildings, healthcare, education and shopping centre design.

Henley says the NZGBC is now accepting certification registrations for new office design projects.


"There are an increasing number of Australian buildings meeting the Green Star standards," says Henley. "These include the new Quad 4 building at Sydney Olympic Park, and City Central Tower 1 in Adelaide, designed by Woods Bagot. This building is the first 5-Star Green Star certified project in South Australia."

Developed by Caversham Property Developments and owned by Commonwealth Property Office Fund, the tower utilises passive chilled beam cooling, low-VOC finishes and sub-metering for the monitoring and management of energy and water use. It also utilises energy-efficient lighting systems, and provides 100% fresh air, with no recirculated component.

The NZGBC, like its Australian counterpart, is a broad-based, non-governmental organisation of industry leaders who are committed to developing market-based solutions that help deliver efficient, healthy and innovative buildings. As well as promoting green building initiatives, the council is responsible for the development of green building rating tools for New Zealand.

For more information, contact New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), PO Box 5286, Wellesley St, Auckland 1036, phone (09) 379 3996. Or visit the .

First published date: 22 June 2007

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