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Sovereign House Smales Farm not only pioneers a new workplace design – it also leads the way with its large-scale multi services chilled beam installation

Setting the standard


A good work environment is just as much about climate control as it is about spatial design. And for an increasing number of designers and developers, it's the energy-efficient options that are getting the big tick.

Chilled beam technology is replacing traditional air conditioning systems in many new projects. But the designers of Sovereign House Smales Farm took this one step further, specifying multi services chilled beam (MSCB) technology.

Howard Cliffe, project manager of Airpro Mechanical, says Sovereign House Smales Farm is the first large-scale building in New Zealand to feature this technology.

"Traditional chilled beam installations place the ventilation, cooling and heating beams next to the equipment for other ceiling-based services. The customised multi service beam concept provides an all-in-one solution for all ceiling-mounted accessories. For this project, Airpro Mechanical co-ordinated and installed MSCBs to include air conditioning, lighting, electrical and data communications cabling and speakers."

Cliffe says the energy-efficient system provides a pleasant ambient office climate, rather than the forced airflow that comes with traditional air conditioning systems. Other benefits of the system include speedy, cost-effective installation.


"Rapid connections reduce the commissioning time on site," he says. "Having just one source of responsibility also lowers risk and reduces the need for co-ordination. In addition, there are aesthetic benefits. No suspended ceiling is needed and the interior design can better match the architect's vision."

In the Sovereign House Smales Farm project, all the services are exposed, including a smoke exhaust system co-ordinated and installed by Airpro Mechanical.

"For this reason this project required a very high standard of workmanship," says Cliffe.

For more information, contact Airpro Mechanical, PO Box 104-166, Lincoln North, Henderson, phone (09) 836 4441. .

First published date: 28 June 2008

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