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Kingspan insulated roof panels guarantee thermal performance

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University Plaza's star feature is a large central atrium, reaching up to a feature ceiling that admits natural light through rooflights. However, besides aesthetic appeal, longevity and insulation were other vital requirements of the project architects.

Kingspan supplied the insulated roof panels and rooflights to the entire building, says director Paul Metcalfe.

"The architect was looking for a high-performance roof system with guaranteed thermal performance. In this case, our KS1000RW Trapezoidal roof and wall panel was specified, at 60mm thick. This thickness provided a thermal resistance rating of 3.35.

"In conjunction with this, Kingspan KS1000Safespan rooflights were used to achieve the natural lighting required.

"Both products fit the Kingspan Envelopefirst™ design strategy, which maximises thermal performance and airtightness of the building envelope," says Metcalfe. "This allows for smaller heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) requirements – reducing upfront capital cost, and at the same time ensuring operational savings in energy, emissions and costs."


Limited space on the site caused a few challenges. To overcome this, Kingspan staged its delivery over a period of time, supplying the different build areas in the order they were worked on.

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First published date: 09 June 2012

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