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Second skin

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To comply with new building regulations, this home was clad in Slimline mini corrugate from Roofing Industries

Second skin


New Zealand's leaky home problem has resulted in building regulations requiring new homes to meet stringent weathertightness standards.

The construction of this new home was started before these new regulations became law, so it needed to be over-clad in order to receive a code of compliance.

The problem with the original construction was that there was no cavity behind the cladding. Instead of removing the old cladding, the best solution was to over-clad the home in Slimline mini corrugate from Roofing Industries.

By adding another layer of cladding, it was possible to achieve the required 20mm wall cavity.

Roofing Industries marketing manager Phil Meyers says mini corrugate was well suited to the re-cladding project.


"Slimline mini corrugate is very flexible, so it could be installed easily around the many contours of the building.

"The material will only bend with the corrugate curves, not against them. This means that when fitted, it is very rigid and can withstand strong winds," he says.

Mini corrugate is a true miniaturised representation of traditional corrugate, but because of the smaller size of the curves, it is more appropriate for cladding than the traditional material. It can also be used for fencing, partitions, ceilings, soffits, and as an internal or external wall cladding.

Slimline mini corrugate is manufactured using pre-painted ColorCote® high-tensile steel, and can be produced in lengths up to 14m. It is available in over 100 designer colours, including Aubergine.

For more information, contact Roofing Industries, PO Box 302-385, North Harbour Post Centre, Auckland, phone (09) 414 4585, fax (09) 414 4586. .

First published date: 18 January 2006

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