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A pool can be more than just a place for swimmers when it doubles as a water feature that takes centre stage in a remodelled garden


W hen the time arrives to remodel the garden, one of the most popular options is to install a pool. So it makes sense to design the entertaining area and planting with it in mind.

Landscape designer Mira Martinazzo from Out From The Blue was asked to turn a muddy backyard into an outdoor pool and entertaining area. The clients wanted the pool to be 9m x 4m and include an outdoor shower.

Martinazzo decided that a feature wall for the pool would satisfy a number of the clients' requirements by providing privacy for the shower and being an attractive centrepiece. Made from an engraved granite, the wall is also a water feature.

"In the day the sun catches the water, while at night that water shimmers and glistens under the house lights," says Martinazzo.

On the other side of the wall a sloping platform floats just above the pool surface is sloped so that water from the shower drains away easily.


At the end of the pool, five whiteconcrete strips, which are exactly the same width as the stairs, provide aesthetic continuity. The strips connect to the patio providing a walkway from the house to the pool.

Plants with lush green foliage such as yuccas and bay trees, and a small Magnolia tree chosen for its white flowers, provide a neutral backdrop.

"We didn't want anything to detract from the pool as it has been constructed of white tiles to reflect the changing mood of the sky above," says Martinazzo.

First published date: 24 July 2003

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Credit List

Landscape designer Mira Martinazzo, Out From The Blue (Sydney)
Landscape contractor Stonelea Landscapes
Feature wall cladding Aniseed granite with Longan Axe finish supplied by Granite Works
Tiling Pool tiling by Out From The Blue
Paints Murowash supplied by Eco Concepts
Lighting Light On Landscape
Shower fittings Designed by Out From The Blue
Shower stall Designed by Out From The Blue
Taps Supplied by Reece
Pool Built by Out From The Blue