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SCE Stone & Design: A bespoke, turn-key operation

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High-quality, quarried stone crafted by a highly skilled team to fit any requirement

SCE Stone & Design: Turn-key in every sense of the term


There really is no substitute for quality, especially for high traffic surfaces in public spaces. SCE Stone & Design understand this.

On recent projects at St Kevin’s Arcade and Sylvia Park Westfield Shopping Centre, the SCE team delivered.

St Kevin’s Arcade – Downtown Auckland


SCE installed a basalt stone floor at St Kevin’s Arcade with multiple finishes and custom inlays. The manufacturing team cut individual shop numbers and letters out of metal using CAD and a CNC machine.

Sylvia Park Westfield Shopping Centre

Working alongside Dominion Construction Group, SCE again used basalt stone at the Sylvia Park development project, delivering a unique floor pattern across a large area.

An end to end process

SCE Stone & Design run a turn-key operation – in every sense of the term. The team sources quality stone from international locations, before shipping it to their specialised manufacturing facility in Auckland.

Once the stone arrives, the manufacturing team sets to work transforming the raw slab material into the finished product. The SCE stonemasons use an array of advanced technologies to ensure accuracy and quality.

For tiling projects, such as the ones above, the tiles arrive pre-cut to be installed under the leadership of Gavin Prangley, our contracts manager.

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First published date: 08 November 2017

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