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Cool in summer, warm in winter – and you can also save on energy bills with the new ozone-friendly Clean Green Comfortmaster heat pump system

Savings all round


Coming home to a cold house needn't be a problem in winter. And there's no need to worry about your home overheating in summer either, thanks to the application of a technology first seen in refrigerators.

Mitsubishi Electric's new Clean Green Comfortmaster is a heat pump system that not only warms and cools your home as required – it also provides power savings.

The system works in much the same way as your refrigerator keeps cool. An outside unit, similar to your fridge compressor, draws warmth from the outside air, even in the coldest weather. This is then pumped inside at whatever temperature you select.

In summer the reverse happens. Comfortmaster extracts warmth from the air in your home and pumps it outside, leaving you comfortably cool.

Glenn Clark, managing director for distributor Auckland Air Conditioning, says Comfortmaster also removes condensation and dampness from your home. And, as there's no oxygen consumed from the heating source, rooms don't get stuffy.


"This is also a refined technology that uses electricity so efficiently it significantly reduces your power bills," says Clark.

For more information about the Comfortmaster, contact Auckland Air Conditioning, 1B Henry Rose Pl, Albany, Auckland, phone (09) 444 4555.

First published date: 07 May 2004

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