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Salute to good taste

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Discerning patrons expect beer and wine to be served at optimum temperature – if there is a Transtherm cabinet in evidence, sipping pleasure is assured

Salute to good taste


Serving a wine at optimum temperature isn't about chilling it within an inch of its life. Professional wine storage units maintain wines at the specific storage temperatures required – ensuring they bring out the best in taste at your table. The sight of a dedicated under-counter wine cabinet or beverage centre means the establishment you're patronising takes good taste seriously.

Vintec offers commercial-level wine cabinets and beverage centres suited to a range of commercial environments – from a boutique wine bar to a five-star hotel restaurant, and everything in between.

The Vintec 40 SGESS, featured here in the Astral Restaurant in Sydney's casino tower, provides a good example. Row upon row of bottles, up to 40 in this model, are displayed to optimum effect from behind sleek, stainless steel-trimmed doors.

The internally lit Vintec 40 not only enhances the look of the bottles of wine, it contributes to the refined, professional air of the greater restaurant.

In terms of storage, the wine cabinet is designed to emulate the precise temperature and humidity traditionally found at the bottom of a long winding staircase. But the days of traditional cellaring are long over. Instead, Vintec offers double-glazed doors, an anti-vibration system, UV-protected door glass, recycled humidity, and adjustable wood racks. Every contemporary advancement in cellaring is built into these compact appliances, which can tuck comfortably under a bar, workstation, or reception counter.


To accompany the sleek wine cabinet, Vintec has released a matching 40 BVC beverage centre for chilling beers and soft drinks.

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First published date: 28 March 2008

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