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Safe harbour

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With its formal symmetry and solid masonry construction, this new home is a landmark on the Pauanui Waterways – and a sanctuary for the family

Safe harbour


To complement the home's waterfront setting, the designer specified a light neutral paint shade with a hint of watery grey. Resene Truffle features on both interior and exterior walls. The only other wall colour in the house is Resene Judge Grey, which forms a dark grey-green backdrop to the kitchen cabinetry.

All the interior broadwall areas are painted in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, a waterborne acrylic that has the advantage of being a fast-drying, low-odour, Environmental Choice paint. Surfaces are easy to clean, making it ideal for family areas.

Resene AquaShield, which features on the exterior, is a water-repellent coating designed for use on most porous building materials. The paint dries to a flat finish, with the colour lightening over time, resulting in a natural weathered appearance.

Resene marketing manager Karen Warman says the paint combines the water-repellent properties of silicones with an outer microstructure that considerably reduces the contact area for water and dirt. This means dirt particles adhere only loosely and are more easily carried away by raindrops.

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First published date: 11 October 2006

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