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Room to play

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The choice of joinery for this home enhances the ease of living

Room to play


For the owners to fully enjoy its rural setting, the Coatesville house required generous windows. Rylock® Windows and Doors installed high-end Fletcher Aluminium products in Mineral Brown from the Pacific Suite® throughout the house.

A large fixed window at the entry frames the view across the pool to the countryside beyond, says director Peter Bilcich.

Bifold aluminium doors opened up the corners of the building to improve the flow for indoor-outdoor entertaining. By doing away with the centre support mullion, the view and flow of traffic are unobstructed, the director says.

A similar solution doubles the usefulness of the bar area. Bifold windows around the granite-topped bar open so guests can be served outside during good weather, but can be closed up in bad weather to protect the indoor space.

The doors feature a flush sill design which does away with the conventional track, not allowing dirt and debris to collect and offering a sleek look.


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First published date: 16 April 2009

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