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This contemporary kitchen makes the most of its limited floor space with tall feature cabinetry and storage units that can be wheeled away


When renovating a limited-sized kitchen with a view to maximizing its workspace, various options are available. One answer is to allocate a dual role to certain areas – another is to line the walls with cabinetry.

The plan for updating this kitchen was to both maximize space and to create a working, contemporary feel, says interior designer Fletcher Vaughan.

"Such constraints as pre-laid floor tiles and flue access for the hood partially dictated the layout of the new kitchen, says Vaughan. "Working around theselimitations, we introduced a pantry that runs nearly to the ceiling and additional storage space above the refrigerator."

Such tall cabinet doors might have seemed overbearing in this limited space, but they have been transformed into a feature element by selecting sliding glass doors with a plastic film backing.

"The doors slide to avoid swinging out into valuable kitchen space, and their subtle opaque finish allows the pantry to hide away in plain sight," says Vaughan.


Adjacent to the kitchen is an area much frequented by the owner's children. Storage units beneath the cantilevered countertop contain their toys. These units, sitting on industrial casters, can be wheeled away out of sight.

"One or more units can be wheeled away and replaced by bar stools, effectively turning a countertop and storage unit into a breakfast bar," Vaughan says.

Minimalist horizontal detailing contributes to a contemporary feel, and optimizes a feeling of roominess.

First published date: 03 March 2006

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Credit List

Interior designer Fletcher Vaughan, Fletcher Systems
Kitchen manufacturer de Bruin-Judge Furniture
Cabinets Melamine in Mocha Fine-line
Cabinet doors and backsplash Plastic film-backed glass
Lighting ECC Lighting, Fabian Lighting
Countertop Absola Stone
Sink Franke, Burns and Ferrall
Faucets Metrix Cox
Stove and ventilation Smeg
Refrigerator GE