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Designer Sue Gillbanks of Kitchens by Design opened up the kitchen in this old villa, fulfilling the home owner's desire to create more cooking space

White brick gives the kitchen a New York deli aesthetic


Design: Sue Gillbanks – Kitchens by Design

About the project (text supplied): The existing kitchen in this villa didn’t flow well and was very tired. The layout was U-shaped and too tight when more than one person was in the space. Also, the client had already purchased new appliances, and they were rather large for such a small kitchen. This created a huge challenge of how to maximise storage as well as accommodate the new appliances. Although the floor area available was small, I was allowed to extend into the dining room if it meant a better flow. The stud height was three metres.

The client asked for a total change in both function and style, specifically:

  • Extra storage for food and crockery
  • Space for two people cook, so separate zones were required for preparation and serving
  • Good lighting
  • Not a clinical white gloss look, but darker timber tones with touches of stainless steel and bronze
  • Keep it simple – Arts & Craft play a strong part in this home
  • This feel must continue in the new kitchen and must have character
  • With an extended family and lots of friends, entertaining was important, so good flow to the greater living area and outside deck was important


First published date: 05 March 2018

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