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Office spaces are often associated with unfriendliness and anonymity. Metaforma designed a space to change that with this project

The challenge for this project? Design a space that not only fosters concentration while working, but also allows staff to fully rest during breaks


Architect: Metaforma
Photography by
Krzysztof Strażyński
From the architect: Office spaces are often associated with unfriendliness and anonymity. We faced the challenge of designing a space that not only fostered concentration while working, but also allowed staff to fully rest during breaks. Acoustics and individually adjusted solutions in surface zoning became the guiding ideas of the concept.
We extracted functional areas: the entrance area, the open space for the call center, the conference rooms, the smaller meeting rooms, boxes facilitating conversation and rest. Entrance zones, due to the specific nature of the work in the company, are equipped with lockers for employees’ private things. Clearly defined boundaries give the feeling of separating private life from the professional one.
The loud working environment of the call centre and the desire to create the unique character of this working space have determined the need for individual acoustic improvement solutions. Metaforma Group divided individual working spaces with veneered, open-work sound diffusers, as well as panels filled with sound-absorbing fabrics. We also designed high partition walls to minimize the discomfort of working in large open spaces. The details such as pots with greenery, located at the particular desks, gave the space a friendly character.
It is worth to notice the solution of boxes for quick meetings, without having to occupy conference rooms. These boxes are also the answer to the need to design place for employees which will serve as resting zone in the office space.


The designed space is the answer to the needs of the contemporary employee. The Metaforma Group focused not only on creating a comfortable workplace, but also provided space for rest and recreation. Thanks to personalised solutions, the office has become a kind of microcosm.

First published date: 17 May 2017

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