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Renovations: How to make your bathroom look bigger

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Got a small bathroom? We've put together a few of the best ways to make the most of these small spaces

Avoid transitions to make a space feel larger


Tiny bathrooms can be a pain to live with, especially when you’ve got a family. So what can you do to make your bathroom look bigger?

Here are some of the ways you can renovate your bathroom and make it appear more spacious than it really is.

Use soft colours for the walls

Pastel tones and whites are the best way to go when repainting as they give the illusion of space. Using striking colours will only the make the room feel more cramped than it actually is.

Another tip: Keep any floor or shower tiles a similar colour to what’s on your walls. By doing so, the walls will seem to blend into the tiled surface. This leads us onto our next tip...


Avoid transitions

Breaks are one of the worst things you can have in a small bathroom. For example, dark shower tiles and light pastel walls. Instead, go the other way and use the same colours throughout the room. The room will feel far less busy and, as a result, much more spacious.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to make your bathroom feel larger. We’re not talking about decorative small mirrors, but the larger floor to ceiling alternatives. The bigger the better.

Add in a light, and the space will feel truly expansive.

Install a floating vanity

If you’re finding it difficult to decide between storage and space, a floating vanity is likely to help. They’ve got plenty of room for the bathroom essentials, while having the space beneath makes the room feel larger. You can also keep your bathroom scales here.

Increase natural light

Natural light makes any space feel more open – but improving this situation is obviously difficult in a bathroom. If you’ve got an opaque window with muntins, now may be the time to consider an alternative. Skylights and solar tubes, although expensive, are one of the best ways to light a room deep within the home.

Whatever changes you make, you’ll likely have to make do with the existing space when renovating your bathroom. Of course, this doesn’t mean the space has to feel small.

Bathroom renovations can be stressful, so view some of our other articles if you’re still feeling a little lost. And if you’re ready to delve into a bathroom project, read the ‘Getting started’ guide.

First published date: 06 September 2017

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