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Renovating made simple

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For those contemplating revamping their home, help is at hand in the latest technical resources published by BRANZ

Renovating made simple


Anyone who has been involved in the successful renovation of a home from another era can justifiably be proud of the result. Often, unexpected problems arise and the solutions can take time to sort out.

However, many of these issues are addressed in a series of handy publications by BRANZ. The new books are technical resources covering the renovation of homes from different eras. The BRANZ Renovate series includes Villas, Bungalows, Art Deco, and 1940s-1960s, with 1970s to be published later in the year.

Designed as a reference book for architects, designers, builders, building officials and homeowners, the publications are well illustrated with crystal-clear drawings showing typical construction methods for framing, roofing, windows and interior building elements. Typical building materials and the construction methods from each of the individual eras are explained. As well, common problems are outlined and options are provided, suggesting the most appropriate repairs or renovations.

The Renovate books are all available individually for $49.95 plus $8 postage and packaging (within New Zealand). For more information or to obtain your own copy, phone 0800 80 80 85 (press 2), or visit the .


First published date: 15 May 2011

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