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Refreshing change

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Pools today are more than simply a place to cool off. They're also an intrinsic part of outdoor design, as illustrated by these projects from Frontier Pools

Refreshing change


Twenty years ago a home swimming pool was most likely to be rectangular or kidney-shaped – and almost certainly blue. For many homes, pool landscaping was almost nonexistent.

Today, pool design and landscaping are a lot more sophisticated, and a pool is almost never considered in isolation, says Neil Runciman from Frontier Pools.

"Pools today are part of a wider landscape plan that visually links the pool to the planting and the house," he says. "Many projects push the boundaries in terms of design. Novel water features, wet edges, natural rock pools and fibreoptic lighting are just some of the elements that can enhance your pool landscape. Solar heating and swim jets can also increase your enjoyment of your pool."

Runciman says black pools, such as the Onyx Diamond Brite plaster finish shown on these pages, are currently a popular choice for homeowners.

"Despite the name, black pools are transparent. But they do have greater reflective properties than other colours, which can enhance a landscape. They also retain heat well."


Frontier Pools specialises in customised pools, either building to your architect's specifications or helping with the design process. The company can also put you in touch with a reputable landscape designer if desired.

Frontier Pools can supply all the filtering equipment you need, and provide a full service contract if preferred. The company stocks Waterco Micron sand filters and energy-efficient Hydrostorm pumps. There's also a range of Waterco heating systems to take the chill off the water. These include Waterco Gas and Zane Solar Systems.

To make it easy for you to order pool supplies, Frontier Pools operates an interactive website.

For further information, visit the Frontier Pools showroom, 207 Great South Rd, Takanini, Auckland, phone (09) 299 8659, fax (09) 299 8278, or visit the .

First published date: 03 May 2003

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