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Red alert – fire protection at ASB North Wharf

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Fire protection by AFS Total Fire Protection

Red alert – fire protection at ASB North Wharf


There's no mistaking the fire sprinkler system in the ASB North Wharf building – the pipes are lacquered in several coats of bright red paint. AFS Total Fire Protection, the firm contracted to supply and install the system and the fire alarms, designed and built a fully customised solution for the project.

Director David Gower says because there are two buildings joined by a glass bridge, the company created two independent but symbiotic sprinkler and alarm systems. A third system was then incorporated to drench the southern wall, providing protection to the future neighbouring buildings.

"The exposed nature of the system posed challenges. Normally all the pipework and welding is hidden, but here it is a feature, so the finish had to be impeccable and the alignment with other services was critical. Pipes needed to be painted in high-gloss red after installation, which added to the challenge. Some of the sprinkler units were colour matched to the ASB corporate yellow."

Gower says the fire alarm cabling is also exposed – in cable trays rather than hidden. To avoid interference from other electrical cabling, the cables are bundled inside a metal conduit.

Another point of difference for this project was the need to incorporate sprinklers within some of the unique furniture pieces – a first for AFS Total Fire Protection.



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First published date: 19 December 2013

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