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Ready to design your new bathroom? Here are some pointers to get you started

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Prominent home builders GJ Gardner highlights the key things to consider when designing a bathroom in your new home

Ready to design your new bathroom? Here are some pointers to get you started


Considered the second busiest room after the kitchen, your bathroom needs to combine functionality and durability for day-to-day family use, while also providing a place of calm contemplation for those relaxing evenings spent in the bathtub.

If you've ever struggled with a bathroom design which doesn't meet your needs, then you know the difficulties this can cause. Building a new home can provide you with a blank canvas to ensure the bathroom meets your functional requirements, alongside your aesthetic desires.

When focussing on your bathroom design, it's helpful to consider your daily routines. If the mornings create queues for the bathroom, think about the inclusion of an ensuite. Or, where space is limited, consider the use of a multi-functional bathroom – with separate zones for additional flexibility. Double showers are a great option – allowing couples or parents and children to shower at the same time comfortably.

Positioning bathrooms to optimise natural light is desirable. However, the water and waste services will indicate the best position in terms of economy of construction.

Keeping a bathroom design simple is key to optimum functionality. While your personal aesthetic preference for bathroom components may add cost to your budget, a good, pragmatic overall design catering to your needs should be a standard consideration when liaising with your builder or bathroom professional.


Planning your bathroom will be an exciting part of your new home journey. If you build with GJ Gardner, expert designers will take the time to talk to you and understand your functional requirements and family routines. Each GJ Gardner franchise has a team of colour consultants and designers to help you create a bathroom that works, for you and your family.

Before you talk to a design professional, ask yourself these key questions: What do you love about your current bathroom? What would you change? What feel should the new bathroom have? What colours do you like? And last, but not least, what is your perfect bathroom?

For further details on bathrooms or building a new home with GJ Gardner Homes, phone 0800 424 546.

First published date: 12 October 2017

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