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Raising the benchmark – Homestar green initiatives

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Raising the benchmark – Homestar green initiatives


Leading by example – that's what happens when a firm pioneers new design and building methods to create innovative and affordable eco homes.

And that's precisely what architectural designer Bob Burnett of Eversun Homes set out to do with his latest project – two homes that have been designed to achieve an 8 Homestar™ rating, which makes them among the most energy-efficient homes in the country.

Burnett, who designed New Zealand's first 7 Homestar-rated house in 2011, says the new homes have a small ecological footprint.

"They are targeting zero energy use through excellent thermal design and the use of PV solar panels to provide more than enough power."

Burnett is a Certified Homestar practitioner and assessor who is enthusiastic about the organisation that was originally established in 2009 by the NZ Green Building Council and the Building Research Association of NZ.


"Kiwis are starting to catch on," he says. "There is a growing trend that shows a readiness to embrace eco-friendly, safer and more energy-efficient homes. But getting the right advice is critical."

This is where Homestar can help. The organisation provides New Zealand's only independent measure of sustainable best practice for new homes and apartments.

The latest development, recently launched, is myHomestar, a membership programme that focuses on helping homeowners ensure their home performs better in every possible way.

While everyone can take the free Mini Home Check online, myHomestar membership gives homeowners the chance to take the more detailed Home Evaluation to see how their home stacks up in terms of sustainability.

There are also great offers online, unbiased advice, practical help and recommendations on how to ensure your home is warm and comfortable. Homestar professionals can even assess your home and assign it a Homestar Design or Certified Built rating, formalising your home's energy efficiency, warmth and sustainability credentials.

For more details, or to join myHomestar, .

First published date: 06 October 2013

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