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Raising the bar

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Architectural integrity is preserved with versatile, freestanding guard-rail systems that fold down out of sight

Raising the bar


Safety first, runs the adage – but when installing a rooftop guard-rail system, issues of the roof's surface integrity and the visual impact on the architecture are also important considerations.

New Zealand Height Services supplies safety systems for architects and specifiers nationwide, says consultant Ed Dennis.

"Our most popular products are the Fold-Shield and Top-Shield systems," says Dennis. "Both offer design advantages above and beyond issues of safety."

Fold-Shield is a collapsible, freestanding guard-rail system that provides roof-edge protection as required.

"When not in use, the rails fold down out of sight – preserving the clean, uncluttered look first envisaged on an architect's drawings," says Dennis. "A lockable, one-way hinge enables the railing to be folded in towards the roof, but not outwards."


The Top-Shield system is for direct attachment to profile metal sheet roofing with a pitch up to 10°. Base plates come supplied with a waterproof sealing strip to ensure no penetration from wind or rain.

New Zealand Height Services' systems are height adjustable, easy to assemble and fully galvanised. They conform to all OSH health and safety regulations.

For more information, contact New Zealand Height Services, 1/12 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki, phone (09) 271 3700 or 0274 888 514. Email: .

First published date: 07 June 2005

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