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Raising the bar

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A high standard of specification is evident in both the choice of materials and the construction of the Takanini Village development

Raising the bar


Developments built as part of an investment portfolio can reflect a much closer attention to detail than those that are speculative projects.

Takanini Village is a case in point. The mixed-use development by Tonea Investments is a long-term investment for the company, which is associated with the renowned Wallace Group. Another related company, Wallace Construction, was responsible for supplying all the carpentry and concreting services on the project.

Project manager Christopher Wallace says because the Wallace Group is looking to maintain ownership of the development, the emphasis has always been on the quality of the build.

"This was never about rushing a development through for a quick gain," Wallace says. "Even the materials and the facades reflect a much higher standard of specification that would normally be seen in such a development. For example, several of the buildings feature cedar wood cladding and fins, and we have used high-quality purple heart timber for the car park bridges and walkways.

"We also decided very early on that once the development is completed, no plant will be visible on the roof of the buildings. Maintaining that level of quality has a positive spin-off – it lifts the entire area and establishes a benchmark for the future."


Wallace says the company is already at the planning stage for Takanini Village Stage Two, and will ensure the quality is maintained at the same high level.

Wallace Construction has been in business for 30 years. Specific work undertaken by the company on this project included supplying all the labour and materials for the carpentry works, and providing skilled labour for in situ concrete works, including precast placement, footings, basement car parks and columns.

For more details, contact Wallace Construction, 296 Porchester Rd, Takanini 2112, phone +64 9 298 3630. Email: .

First published date: 31 March 2014

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