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The dishwasher is one of the kitchen's most time-saving creations. The EX403 model from Electrolux comes with a range of convenient features

Raise your glasses


When holidaying at the camp ground, bach or on the boat, we're reminded of what life used to be like before the days of the dishwasher. Its arrival has forever simplified post-meal clean-ups, giving us more leisure time.

The Electrolux EX403 dishwasher brings further convenience to the kitchen.

Its five wash programmes include Anti-BAC, designed to safeguard your family's health by killing bacteria commonly found on dirty dishes.

The EX403 also offers benefits to the environment, with wash load sensors designed to reduce water and energy consumption. These sensors detect the load size and automatically adjust the amount of water needed, saving water, time and power. On top of all this, a third spray arm provides improved wash performance.

As an added benefit, the EX403 uses as little as 17.5 litres of water per load.


Other features include electronic controls and a 24-hour time delay that lets you choose the most convenient time to start the wash. A special knife drawer securely houses carving knives, forks, and long kitchen utensils during the wash cycle.

An easy-lift mechanism allows the height of the top basket to be adjusted, even when fully loaded, to accommodate large dinner plates and platters.

For details on Electrolux dishwashers or your nearest stockist, phone (09) 573 2220. .

First published date: 05 July 2005

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