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Quiet separation – meeting room aluminium profiles by Potter Interior Systems

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Custom profiles for ANZ meeting rooms are from Potter Interior Systems

Quiet separation – meeting room aluminium profiles by Potter Interior Systems


In design terms, it would be counterproductive to insert solid-walled elements into an open-plan volume. To maintain sightlines and an airy aesthetic, the architects instead specified large glass-walled meeting rooms for the ANZ tenancy.

Potter Interior Systems designed, fabricated and supplied new aluminium profiles, including customised A Series 105 and C Series 45 partitions, that would meet the architectural look desired, says national sales manager Andrew Clemmet.

"The aluminium framing had to carry twin glazing for a high sound rating, while the finish is in bright French Blue to match the ANZ corporate colours. The frames were anodised on the executive floor and powdercoated on other levels of the tenancy."

Potter Interior Systems also supplied the steel stud for partition walls and insulation product for all 22 of the lead tenant's floors.

"The ANZ Centre project was complex – everything was delivered across ‘live' floors, navigating through other construction works," says Clemmet.


Potter Interior Systems is a leading supplier of ceiling tiles and aluminium partitioning for the commercial wall and ceiling industries. The company also supplies thermal and acoustic insulation to industrial and commercial construction projects, as well as whiteboards, chalkboards and fabric boards to the education sector.


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First published date: 06 October 2013

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