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Pure and simple – Kohler project from Mico Bathrooms

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Mico Bathroom Book and Kohler product

Pure and simple – Kohler project from Mico Bathrooms


When you are planning a new bathroom, you want to be sure it will go the distance, and this applies to design as much as durability.

Looking at collections from the world's leading bathroomware manufacturers is a great place to start. And this is precisely what you can see in the new Mico Bathroom Book 2013.

One example is Kohler, a company that has set the standard for bathroomware for 135 years, and has always been a leader in terms of design.

Kohler products, which are available throughout New Zealand from Mico Bathrooms, reflect a high level of craftsmanship and innovation. They also determine future design trends, says Hamish Kofoed of Mico Bathrooms.

"There are four key threads emerging," Kofoed says. "We believe they are going to shape the New Zealand residential bathroom of the future. All these trends can be seen in the Mico Bathroom Book and the Kohler collections."


Space innovation is the first trend, says Kofoed.

"Bathroom footprints are gradually reducing in size, and our clients want to maximise functionality within tighter spaces, while still preserving comfort and appearance, and optimising natural light. To this end we are seeing many space-saving features, such as bath-enclosure storage units, innovative vanities and bathroom fixtures designed to maximise space.

"Intuitive functionality is another key trend that is starting to become an expected feature within bathrooms. Many clients are demanding clever, yet simple features, such as the Kohler Karbon fully articulating mixer, which can be positioned at any angle."

Kofoed says Kohler digital shower control units, the upcoming Kohler prompt shower command system, and smart mirror demisters are also in demand.

"Economic sustainability is also a key focus for architects, designers and their clients. Products that reduce water usage and lower energy costs are highly sought after. For example, the new Kohler Viragio Suite, which has a 4/2.6L dual flush cistern, will see water consumption reduce even further. This is due for release in 2013."

Kofoed says the new Kohler Rain Duet Katalyst rain showers drastically reduce water consumption compared to traditional overhead showers, without compromising on the sensory experience.

Purism is the other trend. While there is a push for increased technology, bathroomware design reflects a return to simplicity. Solid geometric forms and absolute white surfaces predominate.

Kofoed says staff in all the stores are fully versed in the latest design trends and the functionality of the various products.

"They can help clients find the best solution for their project, no matter what style or budget they are working to."

Mico Bathrooms is more than a one-stop shop for homeowners, however. It is also used by the trade to source high-end bathroom products.

With 90 branches spread nationwide, and showrooms from Whangarei to Invercargill, Mico Bathrooms stores are within reach of virtually every household.

For a copy of the Mico Bathroom Book, or to visit a Mico Bathrooms showroom, phone 0800 844 448. .

First published date: 19 June 2013

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