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Protective treatment keeps shower glass sparkling clean

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Diamond Fusion EasyClean protects shower glass from mineral and soap deposits, and keeps glass sparkling like new

Protective treatment keeps shower glass sparkling clean


Luxury in a modern bathroom is not just about comfort – it's also about attractive fixtures and low maintenance.

And let's face it – your shower glass is one of the key elements you want to keep looking as good as it did in the showroom.

Protecting the glass against mineral deposits that can damage the surface is not hard, however. With an application of Diamond Fusion EasyClean, you can ensure your shower will keep its sparkling clean glass for years to come.

Diamond Fusion EasyClean offers a permanent treatment that is applied to the shower glass before use, to seal and protect it. Treated surfaces become water repellent as well as scratch, stain and impact resistant.

Using sophisticated nano technology, Diamond Fusion EasyClean works in two stages to protect glass from impurities that can dull the surface. The first stage fills in the rough, porous surface of the glass, and the second stage caps this layer with a clear material that makes the surface easier to clean and resistant to weathering.


Diamond Fusion EasyClean is available on all Athena and Clearlite showers, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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First published date: 03 August 2014

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