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Both your red and white wines will be stored in the best possible condition in a Vinidor wine cabinet from Liebherr

Protect your investment


Once wine is bottled and despatched from the vineyard, the onus is on its new owner to keep it in good condition – whether it's for enjoyment or investment.

To do this, purpose-designed storage is the best option. Because wines kept for long periods can be affected by odours in the air, kitchens, garages and laundries are unsuitable for long-term storage. The Vinidor range of wine storage units from Liebherr is designed to keep wine safely.

Activated charcoal filters in Liebherr wine storage cabinets can be changed easily, purifying the incoming air for optimum quality. And with tinted safety glass in the cabinets, the wines are protected from UV rays.

These cabinets feature stable wooden pull-out shelves, offering a good overview of the wine and ensuring easy access to it.

Where space is limited, Liebherr's under-worktop model is a good solution. Its robust stainless steel frame integrates easily into most kitchens. The controls are in the insulation panel and the appliance can be set at two different temperatures, for red and white wine.


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First published date: 09 August 2009

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