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Your new kitchen is a big investment, but you can be assured of professional advice and installation when you deal with an NKBA member

Professional help at hand


For most homeowners, planning a new kitchen is not a project they undertake often. In fact, it may be a first-time occurrence for many people, which makes seeking professional advice all the more important.

The National Kitchen & Bathroom Association (NKBA) was established to provide a list of professional kitchen designers and manufacturers who can help you achieve the look you want. On these pages executive director Linda Eyre-Smith answers some common questions.

What are the advantages of using an NKBA member? The NKBA is your assurance of quality. The association was formed to remove the risk factor when dealing with a designer. Not only does the NKBA promote professionalism among members, it also monitors standards and fosters excellence in design, manufacture and installation.

Can I be sure my designer will be up-to-date with current trends and products? NKBA members have a thorough knowledge of design trends and new products. The association and the kitchen industry keep NKBA members fully informed of products, materials and appliances, with regular product launches, seminars, and courses. Members also attend an annual conference and view the work of fellow designers, with many entering the annual NKBA Kitchen and Bathroom of the Year Awards.

At what stage should I call in a designer? It pays to involve your designer right from the outset of your project – at the space-planning stages. NKBA members have a wealth of experience in finding solutions to specific design challenges, both big and small. They will also ensure nothing is overlooked in respect to the functionality of your kitchen. And most importantly, they can help with cost-savings so you can achieve the look you want, no matter the size of your budget.


For association details, contact the NKBA, PO Box 10-1667, NSMC, Auckland, phone (09) 478 3730, fax (09) 478 3775. Email:

First published date: 23 February 2004

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