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A sleek showcase for a prized wine collection – Transtherm Prestige offers high-tech storage

Pride of place


Gone are the days when a wine collection lovingly amassed over a number of years lay hidden from view in a dusty cellar or corner of the garage.

Transtherm, a well-established name in the wine storage and beverage centre industry, has now released the Transtherm Prestige and Transtherm Elegance ranges.

Transtherm Prestige cabinets are presented in high-end finishes including classic black, brushed aluminium, steel-clad and exotic wood veneers. Hand-built in France, these chic wine cabinets are made for the social limelight – looking the part in the most refined setting.

As well as introducing a sleek decor feature, their presence demonstrates at a glance that the owner is serious about wine and correct storage. With crystal white LEDs and sliding beech wood shelves, the Prestige units feature tinted glass fronts and dark, spacious interiors that protect contents from harmful UV rays.

Alternatively, the Transtherm Elegance range has solid doors or can be integrated into the joinery. This range is for those who prefer their collection to be subtly included in their living spaces.


In storage terms, both ranges eliminate temperature variations which denature wines and also maintain humidity levels above 65% so corks don't dry and crack, letting damaging air oxidise the wine.

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First published date: 08 February 2011

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