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Pivotal role – Glasshape at Rundle Place

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TemperShield curved toughened glass from Glasshape

Pivotal role – Glasshape at Rundle Place


Expansive views in all directions are vital for a large retail centre – they generate anticipation and excitement. And it's not just about the architecture and fit-outs – people checking out the merchandise and riding the escalators help to animate the spaces, enhancing the whole experience.

Clear glass balustrading helps ensure such views are maximised, which is exactly what the design team specified for the new Rundle Place premium retail centre in the Rundle Mall precinct in Adelaide. TemperShield® 19mm curved toughened, heat-soaked glass from Glasshape was chosen for the balustrades in the central atrium.

As well as complying with the regulations for frameless glass balustrades in shopping centres, the curved glass provides a distinctive architectural feature. It also enhances the sense of openness and space, and ensures the circulation areas flow seamlessly.

Glasshape, which has ISO9001 accreditation, can manufacture TemperShield® curved toughened glass in extra-large sizes – up to 3.9m high x 2.44m wide, which is the largest dimension available in Australasia. The glass is well suited to commercial and residential architectural applications.

The company also has a digital onsite measuring system that can be utilised to take measurements early in the construction process, before standard templates would normally be made. Specialist technicians use the latest digital scanning software to produce electronic templates. The glass can then be manufactured and delivered on site before it is required, so builders don't have to wait for it.


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First published date: 06 October 2013

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