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Design influences are many and varied. But no matter whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary-style home, masonry construction offers many advantages, says Mark Wilson of Masonry Design Solutions

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Along with the architectural design, the choice of building materials reflects the home's Spanish influence. One of the most significant features is the imported clay tile roof.

To provide a traditional, weathered look, Masonry Design Solutions specified La Escandella Spanish clay tiles imported by Espana Ceramica. These tiles provide the typical colour variations of Spanish roofing. They also have an aged look that replicates traditional Mediterranean buildings, says Mark Wilson of Masonry Design Solutions.

"For this reason, we specify La Escandella tiles for many of our projects," he says.

Alan Rolston, managing director of Espana Ceramica, says the tiles never lose their colour and therefore do not need painting.

"The weathered look simply improves over time," he says.


Rolston says Espana Ceramica began importing the range seven years ago, to meet the demand for an affordable clay tile. And despite their old-world look, the La Escandella tiles are manufactured using up-to-the-minute technology.

"Spray-drying the clay is a key process in producing the quality and texture of the roof tile," he says. "The processing methods ensure a clean, evenly coloured and textured product. It has no impurities or small pieces of lime, which could cause cracks through expansion caused by dampness or frost."

Rolston says the tiles can withstand temperature extremes and are guaranteed for 20 years.

"Many international architects are using this tile, including a recent project on a resort island in Dubai, which can be viewed ."

For more details, contact Espana Ceramica, PO Box 51-910, Pakuranga, phone +64 9 271 7325, fax +64 9 271 5201. Email: .

First published date: 03 May 2005

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