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Permacolour coloured concrete is ideal for road safety uses

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Colured concrtete offers a low up keep, high profile solution to tricky road situations – available in a range of colours from Sienna to Red to

Permacolour coloured concrete is ideal for road safety uses


Traffic islands, motorway berms – anywhere where motorists have to keep their wits sharp and their hands firm on the wheel – benefit greatly from delineation through the use of coloured concrete. Widely used overseas, this safety concept is fast becoming the expected here, too. Affordable, highly visible and low maintenance, the coloured surface is a boon to councils anywhere where road layouts are potentially confusing and tricky to react to.

Permacolour manufactures and distributes a wide range of colourants and sealers for commercial application, based on over 30 years experience in the industry – and road safety is now a fast-growing part of its business, says the firm's Anthony Kirkoff.

The images seen here illustrate the diversity of the Permacolour Colourmix ranges in the application of road safety. The top picture is of a median strip, coloured Red, in New Plymouth, completed by Fulton Hogan. The middle image is of a traffic circle near Hamilton airport, using Sepia-coloured Permacolour. These projects were finished earlier this year, while the third – the Western Belfast Bypass, on the Western Corridor, part of Christchurch's Roads of National Significance programme – is nearing completion. Laid by the firm I Pave, this is in the colour Sienna.

And Permacolour also offers a range of exposed, stamped, brushed or textured concrete finishes. Plus various sealants are offered to optimise functionality and further enhance a look – such as highlighting a colour, adding a smart gloss, or a matt finish for safety.

"Then there's cement-based, coloured plasters and paints for application to internal and external wall surfaces. These are ideal for commercial fit-outs."


For detailed information on the Permacolour range, and to find your nearest stockist, go to the

First published date: 28 October 2016

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