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The custom colouration service allows designers to specify Cavalier Bremworth carpets that are both hard-wearing and toned to match a particular decor

Performance plus


Finding a carpet that met a range of requirements, including colour, texture and performance characteristics, was the challenge for the architects furbishing the Todd Energy offices.

Cavalier Bremworth's Raffia range, a patterned loop pile carpet, was the flooring of choice for this large project.

Marketing manager of Cavalier Bremworth David Philippe says that Raffia has a semi-random, linear pattern. This multi-coloured yarn effect offers good soil-hiding properties, making it well-suited to general office environments.

"Raffia provides the best of both worlds – it offers the hardwearing performance of a level loop, while at the same time providing a fashionable, textured appearance," he says.

For the Todd Energy offices, a custom colouration was specially created to suit the customer's tastes. In addition, the carpet was manufactured to a higher pile weight of 45oz, instead of the usual 40oz weight of Raffia, making it even more durable and hardwearing.


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First published date: 25 March 2005

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