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Pacific point of view

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The University of Auckland's new Fale Pasifika is part meeting house and concert hall and part educational facility

Pacific point of view


The design of the paving in the courtyards throughout the Fale Pasifika was the result of collaboration between designers at Jasmax Architects and National Treasures Landscape. Their aim was to produce patterns that reflected the migration of Pacific Islanders to New Zealand.

W Stevenson & Sons produced tiles that conveyed this feel for the malae area. The brief from Jasmax Architects called for six different mix designs, including honed and exposed aggregates as well as blue glass, shell, black and white oxides and sandy coloured pebbles.

In contrast with the complexity of the paving design in the malae area, the fale and courtyards were laid in one of W Stevenson & Sons' stock Footstone pavers in a sandstone colour. The sweeping curves of the steps and fale are accentuated by the scale of the paving.

Producing the patterns that reflected the migration theme called for intricate cutting with a jig and template by Pavecraft, the pavers for the whole project.

For more information, contact W Stevenson & Sons, corner Paul Stevenson Place and East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 1701, phone (0800) 610 710. .


First published date: 25 March 2005

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