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The University of Auckland's new Fale Pasifika is part meeting house and concert hall and part educational facility

Pacific point of view


An essential part of any new building is the fire protection system. With the fale, the curved shape and complicated structure of the meeting house roof and aesthetic requirements of the building posed design and installation challenges.

Additionally, the fale holds functions with entertainment using steam or fumes. The building and occupants needed to be protected with a "live" fire alarm system. Argus Fire Protection solved these issues by rolling the sprinkler pipes to match the profile of the roof and mounting the sprinkler heads and smoke detectors to have a minimal impact on the building's aesthetics.

Argus installed its Edwards EST2 emergency warning system, using heat and analogue smoke detectors and manual call points. With this system specific sensors can be isolated, leaving the rest of the system "live". All the buildings are interconnected on one fire panel, so in the event of a fire in one building the entire complex can be evacuated.

The EST2 System allows the Fire Service or building management to identify the exact location of activation and provide a quick response.

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First published date: 25 March 2005

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