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Out in the street

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Where once there was an enormous hole in the ground, there is now an attractive streetscape surrounding the new Britomart Transport Centre

Out in the street


Water features, enhanced at night by dramatic lighting, are one of the most eye-catching aspects of the Britomart streetscape. Making sure their water stays clean and hygienic was the task of Water Systems Treatment Specialists.

Project engineer Kate Beauchamp says the company designed and installed the water treatment system for the 28 pop jets on the Gore St streetscape. It also supplied the software which controls the pattern and timing of the jets, to meet the specifications of architects Jasmax.

The jets are run on recycled rain water, topped up from the mains. It is filtered and treated using a solution of chlorine and hydroxan, a low-odour disinfectant, safe for use in public places.

The individual pop jets are controlled by 28 solenoids. The PLC software makes the 4m by 7m grid of jets play in different patterns over a 24-hour period, to heights of 2m or more.

Water Systems Treatment Specialists deals with a wide range of water treatment issues, from swimming pools to waste water treatment. For more information, contact Water Systems Treatment Specialists, PO Box 21 755, Henderson, Auckland, phone (09) 836 7933, fax (09) 836 8733.


First published date: 12 October 2003

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