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Out in the street

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Where once there was an enormous hole in the ground, there is now an attractive streetscape surrounding the new Britomart Transport Centre

Out in the street


Creating a new streetscape in a bustling downtown precinct is no small task, espe-cially minimising the impact of construction activity on those who live and work in the area.

Downer Construction's streetscape contract included the provision of underground services, which required excavation up to 6m deep, and creating new roadways. The contract also included the creation of a number of new public spaces and improving existing streetscapes.

Months of consultation, negotiation and careful implementation were required to keep everyone happy, says Colin McKenzie, contract liaison for Downer Construction. A steady flow of information had to be maintained between all parties, with hundreds of people involved. Issues of public safety, noise, vibration and dust had to be dealt with on behalf of both nearby business owners and apartment dwellers.

"Then there were the formal requirements that had to be met. For example, apart from the rare occasions we had to close a road off completely, we were only allowed to disrupt the traffic flow for a maximum of two minutes at any one time."

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First published date: 12 October 2003

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